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360 Wisdom - A guide to discovering you

360 Wisdom - A guide to discovering you

The 360 Guide is designed to help you find your balance and purpose in life. It helps you discover what your natural strengths are and how you can improve areas you may find more challenging. By understanding the 360 Wisdom Circle, you can learn to enjoy life to the full as well as harnessing your unique talent for the benefit of yourself and wider community.
The 360 Wisdom Guide is presented in a practical format, full of exercises, ideas, stories and readings you can work through at your own pace. If you want to understand yourself by improving your inner-development, your health, your personal and work relationships and your sense of well-being, the Guide is just whatyou have been looking for!
“I like the way you have balanced the psychological and scientific elements….and the way you’ve made it suitable for different types of people. I also like your original approach…” Rose Elliot Vegetarian Chef & Author
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