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Energy Intelligence at Work

Energy Intelligence at Work

Why are some businesses bursting with energy? They have high performing, motivated staff moving from success to success. Why are other businesses ‘cruising in neutral’ with drained and dispirited people going through the motions as if they are sleepwalking?   
The force that moves our thinking (IQ), emotions (EQ-emotional intelligence) creativity (CQ-creative intelligence) and beliefs SQ –Spiritual Intelligence isEnergy Intelligence (ENQ).

Author of Energy Intelligence at Work Claire Chidley, introduces you to the Energy Intelligence theory and the benefits of following an energy intelligent approach in work.
  • Reviews

    I feel that the overall presentation is brilliant, the style fast-paced and the logic easy to follow. In addition…the writing is not dry and pedantic or jargon-ridden. On the contrary, it is crystal-clear, well-illustrated and nicely peppered with anecdotes andcolourful vignettes

    Not only does the book deal with the nitty-gritty of management theory and practice, it also puts this into a much broader philosophical context, e.g.“…it [energy intelligence] hopes to show a glimpse of not just wherewe have evolved from, but a route we might travel in the future.”

    Patrick Reynolds (Former secretary-general of the Europe of Democracies and Diversities Group in the European parliament).

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