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Energy Intelligent Leaders 'Carry the Can'

Energy Intelligent Leaders Carry the Can

So often these days, when mistakes are made or wrongdoing done by people in positions of authority (politicians, the police, civil servants, hospital staff), they blame everybody but themselves. I’m not asking leaders to fall on their swords every time something goes wrong. Mistakes happen and a leader can’t always know everything that’s going on in detail in their workplace. But they can and should be aware of where energy changes and that sense should set them on a course of action to find out why or what is happening. To deny all knowledge or to obfuscate is to not be responsible when you hold the ultimate position of accountability and are being paid to do so.

Energy intelligent leaders ‘own up’ as soon as the problem comes to light and explain what they and their colleagues are going to do about it. After all, they set the standards of behaviour and should be seen to be living them. Usually, that’s enough to maintain the trust and respect of staff and customers. When errors are made time after time and the leader doesn’t take responsibility resulting in action, employee motivation and energy lowers. It is at this point that the leader should consider their position.

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