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About Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence at Work by Claire Chidley

Energy Intelligence (ENQ) is a unified theory designed to support leaders, managers, teams and individuals improve their capability to flourish in times of rapid change in the 21st Century.


The driving force behind Energy Intelligence is to improve collective resilience so that workplaces smooth out the peaks and troughs caused by uncertainty in order to improve performance, productivity and growth.


The formula for Energy Intelligence is E = MCC


The energy released by the organisation is equal to the levels of motivation in its people multiplied by the commitment of the employee to their work and the employer to their staff.


Energy Intelligent workplaces know how to increase or decrease the flow of energy using the Five Energies to move up and down the Energy Spectrum. In this way, people perform of their best and are enabled to energetically rest and recover before commencing the next task.


The ENQ workplace has a clear mission and vision and its workplace values are shared by staff. This gives a power and focus to the energy expended.

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