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Energy Intelligent Managers

Energy Intelligent Managers

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In recent years, business has focussed on leadership and the art of management has been diluted.  Perhaps we have become over-led and under-managed?


A manager’s central role is one of Connector, ensuring that messages flowing up, down and across the workplace are shared and understood.


Connectivity extends to ensuring energy flow is maintained and regulated. Managers are there to free-up energy, link or remove it as appropriate.


Energy Intelligent Managers understand their unique role through six fundamental functions:


  1. Crafter

  2. Sensor

  3. Reporter

  4. Animator

  5. Streamer

  6. Enquirer


The Energy Intelligent Managers programme focuses on developing a deep level understanding of the six management functions together with powerful soft-skills training in employee engagement, through building rapport, authenticity, clarity and eradicating fear.

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