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Organisational Development

Claire Chidley Leadership Development

In addition to Energy Intelligence, I offer organisational development for leaders, managers and teams through my training and development company, Create Tomorrow Today.

A team of talented trainers work with me to create ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke programmes as shown on the Training and Development Page.  We use and apply the latest thinking to help you develop your people to provide first class customer service, build great teams and be creative in solving problems and generating ideas.

We can provide other choices should you prefer.

Our approach to delivery: We use our three company values: Connectivity, creativity and authenticity to underpin everything that we do.

Connectivity:  We unite trainers and participants in a way that delivers helpful, meaningful experiences and insights.

Creativity:  We work with integrity and authenticity to unleash people’s creative potential.

Authenticity:  We say what we mean, mean what we say and do what we say without ‘side’, ‘face’ or ‘fluff’!

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