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Energy Intelligent Teams

Energy Intelligent Teams

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Energy Intelligence believes we need a different approach to team-working.  Teams will need to be more agile, flexible and creative as they will be asked to do tasks that fall outside professional domains, structural hierarchies and possibly individual experience.  This gives ‘relying on each other’ a whole new meaning.


Energy Intelligent Teams have a deep understanding of difference and how this can add competitive advantage as well as the ability to generate new ways of doing things.


Energy Intelligent Teams are self-regulating, autonomous, highly committed and motivated to deliver their objectives.


They achieve this by using our 360 WISDOM balancing programme. 360 WISDOM improves knowledge about personal strengths in the areas of IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence), CQ (creative intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence).


Teams learn about energy flow between individual and collective spaces.  They discover areas for self-improvement as well as advancing understanding of ‘the other’ so they learn to celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and the contribution they can make to the group.


When a team is stable, then it can become rapidly Energy Intelligent because self-awareness about underlying team drivers e.g. motivation and commitment, is high.

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